Moving Mountains Webinar Series: SNF Quality Reporting (QRP) and SNF Value Based Purchasing (VBP) Programs



This 1.25 hour webinar will review fundamentals of the SNF Value Based Purchasing (VBP) & Quality Reporting Program (QRP).  Emphasis of this session will be on understanding both the VBP and QRP  and the impact on interdisciplinary team operations with strategies for developing an action plan to guide a successful transition.

Learning Objectives

  1. Review the components of the SNF VBP & QRP programs.
  2. Identify how SNF VBP & QRP measures are calculated
  3. Identify key operational, training and systems considerations related to SNF VBP & QRP.
  4. Review methods for monitoring key data elements related to SNF VBP & QRP

 Course Content

1:30       SNF VBP Fundamentals

  • Overview of SNF VBP
  • Calculation of SNF VBP Measures
  • Impact on Medicare payments
  • SNF VBP Timeline
  • Reports to monitor VBP measures

2:15        SNF QRP Fundamentals

  • Overview of SNF QRP
  • SNF QRP 2019 Updates
  • Calculation of SNF QRP Measures
  • Impact on Medicare payments
  • Reports to monitor QRP measures

2:40          Q&A

2:45          Closing Comments